Michael`s new album influenced by sexuality

London: Singer George Michael has revealed that his new album has been influenced by ‘club music and his sexuality’.

The 47-year-old singer - who revealed he is gay in 1998 - believes the openness of his new songs is similar to those featured on his 1987 classic album `Faith`, but with a more up-tempo sound as he wants to stay true to his sexuality.

"Somebody said to me, `This album is going to be like a more electronic `Faith`, because your writing with that directness again.` I think there`s a lot more joy to put in the writing this time around. Since I`ve been out as a gay man, house music has been more of an influence in my life. So ultimately as a gay man, you don`t really stop listening to club music as early as straight people do and I wanted the album to reflect that," contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

The ‘True Faith’ singer also admitted he likes experimenting with his music.

"This other project I`m doing reflects somebody who`s getting older as a singer and an interpreter as well, so what I thought is, `What do you want at this point in life?` I can honestly say I have no interest in just repeating my successes.

"There are aspects to the new material which I think are progress. Once you`ve reached a certain point, to drive you forward as an artist you look for authenticity. And that involves doing the type of tour I`m planning to do which I haven`t done before and express more personal truths that I now think about having lived as a gay man for 12 years."


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