Mimic fears MJ`s album is fake

London: A Michael Jackson mimic is petrified that his recorded songs are being passed off as the King of Pop`s voice in a new blockbuster album.

Ricky Galliano, 27, claimed that he was paid a staggering amount to imitate the `Thriller` hitmaker`s style on 21 tracks in secret sessions at a Swiss studio, reported Sun online.

Meanwhile, Jackson`s family members believe that a fake voice has been used for the album simply called `Michael`, slated for Christmas release.

"I heard the music and immediately said it wasn`t his voice. Some of the songs are him and some aren`t. I would bet my life on that," tweeted Jackson`s youngest brother Randy.

Music giants Sony have dismissed the claims as "far fetched" as they went to "extraordinary lengths" to ensure that the vocals are genuine.

According to Galliano, who met Jackson several times before his death said that a man flanked by bodyguards and lawyers paid him 2000 euros for each song recorded.

"They were most insistent that I make my voice sound as much like Michael`s as possible - to mimic him exactly," said the Italian-born singer.



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