Mom role model for Cheryl Cole

Updated: May 24, 2010, 14:43 PM IST

London: Singer Cheryl Cole sees her mother Joan Callaghan as her role model as she inspired the singer to be a better person.

"My mother is a great person. When I was growing up, she was never somebody who commented on other women. You know, you hear women commenting on other women in a mean way? My mother was never like that. Everybody is lovely in her eyes," a news website quoted her as saying.

Now Cole wants to inspire other women.

"If you could just give me one word to be, `inspirational` would be the one. I want to inspire women to make the best of themselves. Like, one woman, said to me, `I`ve got you on my fridge door to inspire me to go to the gym.` I felt like that about Britney Spears when she did `I`m a slave 4 you`. So to think that I can be inspiring someone like that or in any way is great," she said.