Motherhood made Crow`s music better

London: American singer Sheryl Crow believes motherhood has made her music much better.

The Grammy Award-winning artist - who has adopted sons Wyatt, three, and two-month-old Levi - thinks being a parent has "enriched" her life and her new experiences are reflected in her work, reports a news website.

"Motherhood in general changes your life. Your life informs your art and for me it`s just made my life so enriched. I`ve loved every minute of it," she said.

The 48-year-old, who battled breast cancer in 2006, also admitted that her emotional state is the reason for the different sound of her new album.

"My last album had an urgency to it. I had a new baby Wyatt, I`d been through breast cancer and I had been through a bad break-up and I felt there was so much to write about," she said.

"With this record I was coming from a much more emotional place. The idea of writing about desire and longing which is what soul music is typically known for, was where I was coming from," she added.