Music industry to crackdown on copyright violations in Goa

Panaji: A music copyright vigilante authority has threatened to launch ‘Halla Bol’ along Goa`s coastal belt known for its music blaring beach shacks, scorching raves and techno night party hang outs this year, even as the tourist season is all set to begin in a few days.

The Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), a licensing arm of the Indian Music Industry (IMI) launched its anti copyright campaign in Goa called ‘Halla Bol’, in which the vigilante body has promised to take pubs, DJs, beach shacks and other party hot spots to task if they play unlicensed music.

"Those who play music without public performance licence would be booked under Music Copyright Act, 1947," head of PPL Sowmya Chowdhury told reporters at a press conference here Wednesday.

Those playing music via television, FM, CDs even World Space radio would be booked if the music from these mediums is played in public.

"We are keeping watch on discos, hotels, beach shacks along Goa`s coastline for any violation," he said.

"Despite the widespread popularity of Indian film music, the industry suffers huge losses every year owing to the illegal playing of music at various popular entertainment zones. The most prominent cause of the violation of music laws in India is the lack of awareness amongst people regarding the legal usage of music by acquiring adequate music licenses issued by PPL," Chowdhury further said, adding that music labels have absolute authority over their songs and using them without a proper license is a punishable offence,

Playing copyrighted music without permission is a non bailable offence and can lead to up to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs.2 lakh, according to Chowdhury.


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