Music is my drug: Jessie J

Last Updated: May 22, 2011, 14:29 PM IST

Mumbai: She is all of 23, suffers from a heart problem, but her zest for life and music keeps her going. British singer-songwriter Jessica Ellen Cornish, popularly known as Jessie J, says she will never give up performing because music is her drug.

"I live on music-singing and performing is my drug," Jessie J told IANS in an e-mail interview from London.

The young girl, who started her career by writing tracks for singers like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus has had an irregular heartbeat since the age of 11, and also suffered a minor stroke at the age of 18. In early 2011, she suffered from a panic attack on stage after she was forced to perform in the dark.

"My heart problem does affect me. I make sure that I take extra care of myself because singing and performing is something that I`m addicted to and if I don`t get it I get antsy. I have to ensure that I`m always performing," she added.

Jessie has recently launched her debut album "Who You Are", which took her six years to complete because she wanted to give it her all.

"My album is a depiction of what I`ve seen in the last six years of my life. I have written songs about stuff that other people can relate to. It`s about being true to who you are and the kind of difficulties you go through in life," said the young artist.

"The album did take six years to complete. As an artist when you`re working to put out your debut album; whatever you`re doing, it goes towards that. So for six years I`ve been writing towards it and the consistency never stopped. I wanted the album to be as strong as it could become over the six years," she added.

Two songs from the album "Do It Like a Dude and "Price Tag have already created a stir in Britain, Ireland and New Zealand and is among the top 10 in 19 other countries.

"It feels great when your work is appreciated. Without my fans and without the belief and that the beauty of knowing that it`s real and it`s raw none of the rest of my career would have happened," expressed Jessie.

Many artists have recently visited India to perform including Bryan Adams and Akon, so does she have any plans to visit the country and perform?

"No plans as of now, but you never know what the future holds," she said.

Nevertheless, she is sure about the things her fans should expect from her in future.

"My fans can expect great music, lyrics and songs. I want to earn money to give money away, I want to do product campaigns, dress up, like to have my own TV show, my own private land, and my own perfume. I want to create an amazing tour. So yes there are so many things that I want to do," explained Jessie.