My man voice has come to use: Emma Stone

Updated: Mar 14, 2013, 08:42 AM IST

London: Actress Emma Stone has joked that her "natural man voice" has finally become useful for her role in ‘The Croods’.

The 24-year-old provides the voice of cave girl Eep Crood in the upcoming 3D DreamWorks Animation, reported Sun Online.

"We`ve been making it for the last three years. The recording was really fun - they have this little camera filming you, and they animate the character according to your movements, so you can really go for it and be a human cartoon.

"I`ve been a human cartoon since I was born anyway so I might as well animate it. My husky Emma Stone trademark voice remains too. My natural man voice has finally worked for me," she said.

Asked about whether she preferred to have blonde or red hair, Stone said, "When it`s blonde, I wish it was red.