New MJ song `Breaking News`

Washington: A new song of late Michael Jackson has emerged, which is believed to portray his thoughts about the media.

In the song ‘Breaking News’, Jackson sings about how the media wants him to fall, and how he was treated shabbily.

According to, one of the lyrics ran as follows:

“They want to see that I fall, cause I’m Michael Jackson.

You write the words to destroy like it’s a weapon."

In another part of the song, Jackson sings:

“Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson.

Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.

Just when you thought he was done, he comes to give it again.”

The song has all the trademarks of Jackson, and its initial beat will remind one of ‘Billie Jean’.

It had been recorded at the home of music producer Eddie Cascio, when Jackson was living there for four months in 2007.