Nicole Scherzinger wants to sing with Ben Drew

London: Nicole Scherzinger of the "Pussycat Dolls" went knocking at 27-year-old Ben Drew`s door to complete her upcoming solo album.

Ben Drew is popularly known in the music world as Plan B.

"My label asked me who I wanted to work with and I said the only person I want is Plan B. I`m a huge fan. So I`m actually going to meet with him this week. I don`t know his face, his videos or anything but I love his music," quoted Scherzinger as saying.

Nicole`s new album is the brainchild of Lady Gaga`s right hand man Nadir Khayat.

"I wanted something explosive that could be staged live in a full performance and I needed music to match the intensity, that`s what he did, It`s raw, dangerous and big. That`s what I want to be on stage," quoted Scherzinger as saying.