No Oz tour for Susan Boyle, says manager

Updated: Jun 11, 2010, 18:03 PM IST

London: Scottish singer Susan Boyle’s manager has rubbished rumours that the singer will be touring Australia.

Boyle’s manager Andy Stephens said that the ‘I Dream a Dream’ singer would not be performing Down Under.

The rumour was sparked of by a series of emails from an organisation called the London Music Group, which claimed that Boyle had planned the tour to make up for cancelling her Australian promotional tour in May due to fatigue.

But Stephens said that the news is fake because Boyle currently has no plans to tour Down Under, reports a news daily.

“Contrary to reports, we have not announced any Australian-New Zealand dates. Neither are there any plans to do so this year. The story is 100 per cent false,” Stephens said.