'Noel Gallagher is the next McCartney'

London: Founder of Creation Records, Alan McGee, has rated former Oasis member Noel Gallagher to be as good as John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

McGee, 50, made the comment after listening to 43-year-old Gallagher’s new solo material.

“I’ve heard the Noel demos. They’re f***ing genius. For me, the guy’s a McCartney, a Lennon, a Neil Young – he’s one of the greats,” a news daily quoted McGee as saying.

“When McCartney goes, it’s Noel’s crown really, isn’t it?” he stated.

McGee even feels there are tracks worthy of mention alongside Oasis’s biggest hits.

“There’s three songs on the demos - I won’t go naming them cos I’m not his manager - but they’re up there with Don’t Look Back In Anger and Live Forever,” he said.

“He’s f***ing done it again,” he added.