Noel Gallagher turned down 20m pounds for Oasis reunion world tour?

PTI| Updated: Dec 16, 2013, 13:12 PM IST

London: Singer Noel Gallagher has reportedly turned down 20 million pounds offer to join his former band Oasis for their upcoming reunion world tour.

Noel, 46, has not shown much interest in participating in the reunion even when the band`s frontman and his brother Liam, has apparently agreed for it, reported Daily Mirror.

Noel had posted on the band`s website in 2009 about his decision to quit Oasis after an argument that reportedly broke between him and Liam.

"There were hopes he would do it but frankly, he just doesn`t want to. The Oasis reunion is well and truly off. He has refused all offers, it got to 20 million pounds but even the lure of money like that just didn`t work," a source said.

"Liam is very keen to get back together, if only for the money but Noel is having none of it," the source added.