Overwhelmed with new album sales, Lady Gaga ‘cried for a week’

Washington: Deeply overwhelmed by the positive response to her new album ‘Born his Way’, Lady Gaga has admitted that she ‘cried for a week’.

“It was a very, very huge shock for me when I heard the album sales for ``Born This Way``. I just cried for, like, a week straight,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“It was seven full days of rainwater tears. I think I could’ve filled an entire ocean of gratitude. I just worked so hard on the music and I cared so much that the fans loved it, and that’s all that mattered to me was they loved it. The feedback of the music and of the videos has been so wonderful,” she added.

The ``Hair`` singer, who was unable to keep her emotions in check, also insisted that she isn’t worried about winning over new fans and is mainly concerned about strengthening the relationship with existing supporters.

“I sat down with the label and I talked to my team and we talked about the new album cycle and I said to them, ``I don’t want for the goal of this to be that we gain new fans. If we gain new fans, that’s wonderful. But the goal for me is to strengthen my artistic evolution and strengthen the bond between the fans,” the ‘Poker Faced’ star told PrideSource.com.