Paul McCartney writing music for computer game

London: Paul McCartney says he is writing a track for a computer game because he thinks it is the best way to get younger people to hear his new music.

The Beatles legend is excited to be working on the music for the as-yet unnamed game, as it is a "fascinating market" and a good way of getting his music heard by a younger generation, Femalefirst reported.

"That is the song I am working myself to death with at the moment. I was asked whether I could imagine doing something like this, and I found it exciting.

"Besides, it is a fascinating market. These days a new computer game sells much better than a CD. And you reach an entirely different target group. This way many young people will probably listen to my music for the first time while playing a videogame," he said.

While McCartney, 69, is keen on embracing new technology to present his material, he is still a traditionalist when it comes to writing new songs.

"I wrote it during my holiday. To be more precise, in the hotel`s lobby. There was an abandoned piano in the lounge, it was an afternoon after lunch, all the guests were away, the staff were cleaning.

"I sat down in front of the piano and started playing randomly. I had the melody and most of the text after one and a half hours."


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