Perry accused of copying Gaga

Updated: Apr 02, 2011, 15:21 PM IST

London: Singer Katy Perry has been accused of copying pop star Lady Gaga in her sci-fi themed music video for "ET".

A website reports that in the video the 25-year-old is depicted floating in space and is wearing heavy makeup to make her skin look blue and her features alien-like.

However, Gaga`s fans have taken to the micro-blogging site to complain that Perry`s new look is too similar to Gaga`s own recent sci-fi style, which includes prosthetics to make her face look robotic.

JessShuu wrote: "Katy Perry`s music video for ET is too Lady Gaga for my taste. Only Lady Gaga can pull off Lady Gaga."

Meanwhile, LilohNOStitch said: "Katy perry is turning into Lady Gaga . I HATE the ET video. (sic)."

Even one of Perry`s fans agreed, posting: "I love Katy Perry more than Gaga but her ET video is very Gaga-ish. Unlike."