Pink Floyd may reunite for charity

London: Legendary rock band ‘Pink Floyd’ may get back together to play concerts for charity, according to drummer Nick Mason.

The group, which has sold 200 million albums, last performed at the ‘Live 8’ concert in London in 2005.

"I think all of us would like the idea of repeating the ‘Live 8’ concept. The group could do something that’s not necessarily for us, but do something for the right reasons and enjoy doing it,” the BBC quoted Nick as saying.

“That’s what I’d like, and I think the others might well see eye to eye. I think it would be a very nice way for a band to gently move towards retirement, by doing shows absolutely for charity rather than for more income,” he added.

He said that any such shows would be likely to raise money for a charitable foundation that distributed it to a variety of good causes.