Pitt thinks he could have a future in music

London: Brad Pitt, who does a bit of singing in his new film ‘Megamind’, thinks that he could have a future in music too, “may be like Kylie Minougue”.

Speaking at the European premiere of the film in Paris with partner Angelina Jolie, he said his children are the critics he most listens to.

“Both my sons saw the film and gave it the thumbs up. That’s the most important thing,” a daily quoted the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ star as saying.

‘Megamind’ is the latest 3D animation from Dreamworks and also stars Will Ferrell and Tina Fey.

Ferrell said he particularly enjoyed working on the animated film and said it was the easiest thing he has done.

“You can come to work in your underwear if you like, or a plush little velour robe which is the way I work. It’s also pretty great to be able to make an entire movie in a handful of recording sessions,” he said.