Robbie Williams in need for new musical movement

London: Robbie Williams believes that Britain is in need of a new musical movement that angry people can hold on to.

He revealed that there hasn`t been a decent tune since ` Oasis ` in the nineties, the Sun reported.

The 39-year-old vocalist said there has not been that same spirit ever since.

"Once, you would go from mod to new romantic to punk, and then rave and then guitar, and then... nothing," Williams said.

The `Feel` singer insisted that there used to be something to rebel against.

Williams thinks that there is plenty to rebel against at the present time, especially with what is happening with the world and with how people are being treated by governments and the recession.

"Where are the BILLY BRAGGS and THE CLASHES? It`s good to have a place to go and complain," Williams added.


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