Robbie Williams made strangers listen to his album

London: Singer Robbie Williams says he made every passerby listen to his album ‘Take The Crown’ for approval before releasing it.

"I`ve been scared, thinking this sounds great, sounds confident, sounds big. I`ve been having all sorts of people come in and have a listen - the mail man, the dustman, people delivering things from Amazon," quoted Williams as saying.

"I said, `Come and have a listen to this. What do you think should be the first single? Is it good?` You see, this is a really important album for me," he added.

According to the singer, this album will show him his standing.

"Every album is important, but this one definitely shows where I am in today`s society and pop culture," he said.

`Take The Crown` is Williams` ninth studio album. The album was released in Britain Nov 5, and its first single "Candy" has become popular.