Robbie Williams pens song for his funeral

London: Pop star Robbie Williams claims he has written a song for his own funeral - a classical piece of music known as a `Mass for the Dead`.

The pop star doesn`t want his biggest hit "Angels" played when he is buried and has instead penned a requiem to be played to mark his passing.

"For that occasion (funeral), I`ve written a requiem. All on my own, without any help," quoted him as saying.

The 36-year-old singer, who is married to American actress Ayda Field, knows people will find it hard to believe that he could pen a classical piece of music and admits he finds it frustrating that people don`t give him much credit as a songwriter.

"People often assume I am only marginally involved in the making of my music, which makes me very sad. I feel underestimated because too many people think I only sing songs written by much more talented songwriters," he said.

"Maybe that`s because I never play any instruments on stage. What can I do? Should I install a camera in the studio next time I make a record so the world can watch in amazement how I write a song. Luckily my bank knows how valuable I am. For a lot of people I will still always be the clown from that boy band," Robbie said.


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