Rolling Stones inspire new 'Monopoly'

London: English rock band The Rolling Stones has inspired a new version of Monopoly.

The classic board game now has traditional place names such as Old Kent Road replaced with the names of the band’s iconic albums such as ‘Beggar’s Banquet’.

And instead of a thimble or a shoe, players have a set of devil horns, which is a reference to hit single ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, or wild horses to shift around the board.

A set of tumbling dice is included in the set, and the community chest and chance cards feature famous titles and lines from the band’s songs, and the four train stations have been redesigned with the names of the band’s tours such as ‘Urban Jungle’.

“I’ve been a fan of the Stones all my life and will definitely be going out to buy this version of Monopoly,” the Sun quoted Rolling Stones fan Jim Carrell, 48, as saying.

“They are one of the best bands ever, with an incredible back catalogue, and definitely deserve to be paid tribute to in this way.

“Monopoly is the biggest game in the world and it just shows how important the Stones are that they were chosen for a new version of the game,” he added.

Other changes include the iconic Monopoly money being changed to concert tickets, while houses and hotels, which players would traditionally buy, are now gold and platinum records.

The water works and electric company are now drums and a guitar, and they can be mortgaged for 75 dollars each and contain information about drummer Charlie Watts and guitarist Ron Wood.


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