Scissor Sisters trash an entire album

London: American pop band Scissor Sisters have revealed that they flushed a full-fledged album on which they had been working for 18 months.

Lead singer Jake Shears said that they scrapped the songs from their third album last summer and started from scratch, reports BBC.

“If it wasn`t something we could fully get behind and believe in, I think the band was going to be over,” Shears said.

“If we put out anything sub-standard it was curtains for Scissor Sisters,” he added.

“We worked on a record for about a year and a half but we shelved it. We shelved it about a year ago,” Shears said.

“I ended up moving to Berlin for a couple of months and we decided to start a new record from scratch, and we started it last June. So this record was written very quickly,” the 31-year-old singer added.

Referring to the collection of songs originally intended for the third album, Shears said: “In my heart I knew it wasn`t right, I didn`t really know what it was trying to say. It left me a little bit cold.”