Seal regrets not meeting Winehouse

London: Musician Seal regrets missing the chance to meet late singer Amy Winehouse because he wanted to give her "a mouthful" of advice to help her overcome her personal problems.

"I used to get quite angry at Amy Winehouse because I love our industry, I think it has a lot of integrity and don`t think it`s a birthright to be part of it," quoted the 48-year-old as saying.

"When I heard she had died, I was really sad because I wished I could have bumped into her somewhere. I don`t know if anyone cared enough. Maybe they did - I don`t know. But she would have got a mouthful from me.

"I was so excited by ... her vocal performance. It was a breath of fresh air, that`s why I would have made an attempt to give her my view... I don`t know if anyone was around Amy who she respected enough to give her a mouthful and say, `It doesn`t last forever.` It was a crying shame," he added.

Winehouse was found dead at her London home in July. She was 27.


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