Selena Gomez pens song on heartbreaks

Updated: Mar 20, 2011, 09:00 AM IST

Los Angeles: Heartbreaks always make for good songs. Taylor Swift realised this long ago and now fellow singer Selena Gomez is following suit.

Gomez, who is currently dating teen sensation Justin Bieber, does not want to keep her past disappointments tucked away rather she will use them to make a hit song. The Disney star says her next album will see her taking a jab out of some people, who were not nice to her.

"It`s kind of like a compliment song-slash-dig.There`s one song that I co-wrote... It`s kind of like a compliment song-slash-dig. It`s really fun. It`s basically saying, `I had a few people who weren`t treating me right, but now I have wonderful people.` So it`s like I`m thanking my friends while saying goodbye to the other people. It`s very therapeutic," she told MTV.

That means former boyfriend Nick Jonas may get some bashing in the lines. The Jonas brothers are getting used to being trashed by ex-girlfriends in songs. Swift has already penned a song about her break-up from Joe Jonas.

The Disney starlet, who released her previous album `A Year Without Rain` in September, admits there is a lot more depth on this record.

"There is one (song) that I`m completely in love with, and it was written by (British star) Pixie Lott, who I am obsessed with... It`s kind of a ballad. It`s basically about living in the moment; it`s about enjoying right now. I`m very much enjoying right now. I`m in a good place."