Shakira wants to sing pop songs in Arabic

Updated: May 29, 2011, 18:33 PM IST

Dubai: Colombian pop singer Shakira recently revealed in Morocco that she is interested in recording an album in Arabic.

"It would be a challenge to do an album in Arabic. I would first have to learn Arabic," she said. "I am completely open to that experience. ... At some point I would love that to happen in my life."

Born in Colombia of Syrian origin, Shakira said she grew up listening to the Arab world``s premier divas of the 20th century, Egyptian Umm Kalthum and Lebanese Fairuz, reports the Gulf News.

The native Spanish speaker also admitted that she only speaks a few words of Arabic, including ateeni boosa or give me a kiss, provoking laughter among the mostly Moroccan crowd of journalists. (ANI)