Simon Cowell uses doll to prepare for baby

IANS| Updated: Jan 26, 2014, 08:53 AM IST

Los Angeles: Music mogul Simon Cowell`s ex-girlfriend Sinitta says he has been preparing himself for fatherhood by trying to look after a doll that cries and wets itself.

The “X Factor” boss and his partner Lauren Silverman are expecting a baby.

His ex-girlfriend has opened up about how he is preparing for life as a father, reports

"He and Lauren got my daughter Magdalena a doll that can cry and do a wee-wee,” said Sinitta.

"It was funny watching him sitting there with it. One minute he`d turn it one way and it would start crying, then he`d turn it the other way and it would wee on him. He didn`t know what to do,” she added.