Singer Lorde worries about longevity of her career

PTI| Last Updated: Jun 30, 2014, 08:29 AM IST

London: Singer Lorde worries she may not have a career by the time she reaches 25. The 17-year-old singer said she isn`t sure people will care about her music when she grows up, reportedly.

"Since I started making music, a lot was made of how old I was and it made me think about, what happens when I`m 25? Will people still like what I`m doing? Will it still be important if I`m not this hyper-youthful being?

"It`s stupid, I know I`m being silly, but I can`t help it. It`s just one of those things. I`ll get over it," she said. The `Team` hitmaker said that she was conscious of the pressures to look perfect in the music industry.

"I am a young person and I know how it feels to have those pressures of not looking a certain way. A lot of people have misconceptions about this industry and how you`re supposed to look. I don`t think I should have to look perfect all the time.

"I definitely think about the imprint I`m leaving on people my age - particularly girls. I`m sensitive to how women are portrayed because sometimes it kind of sucks."