Sony dismisses Katherine Jackson’s ‘fake MJ album’ claim

Washington: Sony Music has rubbished claims by Katherine Jackson and two of Michael Jackson’s kids that some of the tracks on upcoming MJ album are fake.

The song – ‘Breaking News’ – was recorded in 2007, at the New Jersey home of Eddie Cascio, where Jackson and his kids lived in the house for 4 months while Michael was recording.

However, Prince, Paris and Katherine believe the Cascio tracks are fake – not Michael`s voice, reports a website.

But Sony has done a bunch of voice authentications, and the record company is convinced it`s the real deal.

Despite the accusations, a teaser will be released soon, and the full song will be on the MJ website for one week.

3 tracks recorded at the Cascio house will be included on the full album, which will be released on December 14.