Susan Boyle didn`t think she "deserved" her success

London: Singer Susan Boyle says she didn`t feel she deserved success and thought her fame would fade quickly.

The 50-year-old, who became an overnight sensation after auditioning for TV contest ‘Britain`s Got Talent’ in 2009, said she still worries that her fame will fade, reported Femalefirst.

"Because I`d risen so quickly, I was frightened I was going to sink quickly too. At the same time, I felt I didn`t really deserve all the success I`d had. Although I still worry about that, I`m getting more relaxed now," Boyle said.

The `I Dreamed A Dream` hitmaker also said she is happy that people recognise her when she is out and ask for her autograph.

"If I stayed in one place for long enough, people would start to say, `there`s Susan Boyle`. It`s like Chinese whispers. And the next moment you`ve got people asking for autographs and taking photos," she said.