Swift slams West, exes in new album

New York: Taylor Swift’s latest album stands up to everyone from Kanye West to her famous exes through songs.

The singer’s anticipated new album ‘Speak Now’ comes out Oct. 25.

“I like to make songs that are really detailed, really honest but make you wonder a little bit who they’re about. Sometimes I’ll mention names, sometimes I’ll mention dates and times and details and it’s all pretty clear. But I don’t need to make it so obvious that other people can’t apply their lives to it,” a news daily quoted the singer as telling Parade Magazine.

On facing Kanye again: “I had a lot of options going into the VMAs: You can not go; you can perform your current single; you can pretend like nothing happened; or you can say what you need to say. And having an album coming out that’s called ‘Speak Now,’ that’s about saying what you feel at the time, I knew I needed to go to the VMAs this year.”