Taylor Swift`s response to naysayers

Updated: Mar 06, 2013, 12:01 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Taylor Swift has opened up about her thoughts on people who have criticised her for penning down songs on her past relationships.

The 23-year-old feels it is sexist of people to look down upon it.

"For a female to write about her feelings, and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have kids with her, I think that`s taking something that potentially should be celebrated a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way - that`s taking it and turning it and twisting it into something that is frankly a little sexist," Vanity Fair magazine quoted Swift as saying.

Swift, who recently parted ways with singer Harry Styles, has dated Joe Jones, Taylor Lautner and Conor Kennedy in the past.