Tom Cruise attends son`s DJing debut

Updated: Aug 25, 2012, 18:39 PM IST

London: Actor Tom Cruise played a protective father while he attended his adopted son`s DJing debut in the UK as he ordered the staff to strip the DJ booth of alcohol. Cruise attended his 17-year-old son Conor`s gig with a group of friends and was seen enjoying as his son played to the crowd, reported a website.

As he reached the venue, the actor ordered staff to strip the DJ booth of alcohol at London`s Chinawhite before Connor started his set.

And when the youngster got into full flow behind the decks, Cruise was tapping his feet while chatting to a couple of Playboy bunnie.

"Tom came over and just started chatting to us. He was really friendly. We`re good friends with Connor from LA but we didn`t expect his dad to turn up, especially so soon after his divorce. He was having a great time and is still very good looking.

"The only problem was he is quite small and we were both wearing heels, so we had to bend over to talk to him. But he was a really nice guy and doesn`t look 50," one of Connor`s friends said.

Cruise left just before the end in a bid to avoid awaiting paparazzi.