Una Healy writes song for daughter

London: `The Saturdays` star Una Healy says becoming a mother for the first time has inspired her and she has written a song for her baby daughter Aoife. The 30-year-old singer welcomed her first child with fiance Ben Foden last month and she the little girl loves it when she sings to her, reported a website.

"She has a toy called Ewan the dream sheep, which makes sounds that mimic the noise of my heart when she was in the womb, and she loves that. And she seems to like it when I sing to her. I`m writing her a song called `Aoife Belle`. Having her has really inspired me to get back into writing music and playing guitar," Healy said.

Although the singer chose a traditional Irish name for her daughter, she still believes the moniker will stand out as she and Foden will raise the youngster in England.

"I suspect people at home in Ireland are thinking, `Why didn`t she go for something more exotic?` because there are a lot of Aoifes in Ireland. But our baby is likely to grow up in England, where it is unusual. Wherever she goes in the world, though, people will know that she has Irish blood and that was important to me," she added.