Vin Diesel offered musicals

Los Angeles: Actor Vin Diesel might be known for playing the tough guy in movies, but he is being offered musicals now.

The offers came pouring in after Diesel uploaded a video of him singing his version of Rihanna`s song "Stay" in a bar, reports

It was his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez`s idea to upload the video online.

"Oh, my god! You know what that was? That was an alternative to sending a Valentine`s Day card. When my girlfriend saw it, she said, `You have to give that to your fans!," Nuts magazine quoted Diesel as saying.

"I`d made other videos of me signing on my page before. It was no big deal. When I was singing `Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire` no one gave a s**t. Then a studio called me and said they wanted me to do a musical," he added.