Was Mick Jagger the ‘vain man’ in Carly Simon’s hit song

London: Carly Simon was referring to Mick Jagger in her hit number ‘You’re So Vain’, according to a new book.

Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson and David Bowie have been mooted down the years but a new book adds weight to the theory that Sir Mick Jagger was the man in question, the Telegraph reported.

A new biography of Simon, More Room In A Broken Heart, by author Stephen Davis claims that ‘The Rolling Stones’ vocalist and Simon were romantically involved - something that she has refused.

Sir Jagger’s wife, Bianca, apparently found evidence of the affair barely a year after their 1971 wedding and accused the pair of spending nights together, according to the reports.

Bianca supposedly intercepted a love note from the English musician to Simon and discovered a ‘provocative’ letter from Simon to Sir Jagger.

At the time, Simon was engaged to James Taylor and Bianca called him to inform him about the blossoming affair.

“My husband and your fiancee are having an affair,” Bianca said.

The claims are all the more stimulating because Sir Jagger supplied uncredited backing vocals on ‘You’re So Vain’, which was released in 1972.

Davis asserted that Sir Jagger’s eagerness to sing on the record provided Bianca with further proof of an affair because he did not like to lend his voice to other artists’ songs.

The book also mentions that Taylor confronted Simon with the claims and she denied them.

Simon, now aged 65, has never revealed the identity behind the song and sometimes claims that it is a composite of different lovers.

“A lot of people think it’s about Mick Jagger and that I fooled him into actually singing on it, that I pulled that ruse... but I can’t possibly tell who it’s about because it wouldn’t be fair,” she once said.

In 2004, she gave a hint by revealing that the name included an ‘A’, an ‘E’ and a ‘R’.


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