We won`t have longevity of Rolling Stones: Metallica

London: Rock legends Metallica have revealed that they won`t be able to perform into their 70s like The Rolling Stones, due to the intensity of their live shows.

The heavy metal icons said that their music is extremely physically taxing to perform, and thus they do not foresee staying together into their golden years, reportedly.

"I saw the Stones last year in San Francisco and I thought they played great, and for a bunch of guys who are 70-plus, it was a pretty amazing feat," guitarist Kirk Hammett said.

"I don`t know if we can do what we can do when we`re in our 70s, because playing one of our songs is equal to eight Stones songs in terms of physical energy and intensity. Maybe we`ll work out a model that enables us to go for another 20 years, but I personally think we have another 10. Maybe that`s one album, maybe that`s two albums, I don`t know," Hammett added.

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