Will Young slams first single

London: British singer Will Young says he hates his debut single and "can`t bear" to watch the videos for his first songs because they are so "dreadful".

The 32-year-old singer-and-actor, who released the double `Anything Is Possible` and `Evergreen` when he won TV talent show `Pop Idol` in 2002, said he has not ever performed the first track live because he dislikes it so much, Femalefirst reported.

"I`ve never done `Anything is Possible` live. I hate it. I absolutely hate it," he said.

The `Come On` hitmaker is known for his quirky music videos but admits he "can`t bear" to watch back his first ones despite having huge amounts of money spent on them.

"I can`t bear `Evergreen` or `Anything is Possible`, they`re absolutely shocking. And you wouldn`t believe the amount of money that was spent on those videos.

"At one moment it looks like I`m in love with a tree! Dreadful. Really odd. Dreadful. No, no, no. No. But since then the track record has been pretty good actually - apart from one - but the first one was really awful," he added.