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London: Black Eyed Peas rapper is trying to get back with close friend singer Cheryl Cole and hopes the malaria-stricken star will soon be back to full health.

"Cheryl`s incredibly strong, spirited and a fighter. She`s making good progress and will be back on track shortly. It`s her passion. And I`ll see her soon. I want to put that gorgeous smile back on her pretty face," quoted him as saying.

According to the report, has been bombarding Cheryl, 27, with calls and text messages in the hope of reassuring her all is fine when it comes to her career.

"They`ve been texting and calling. And not only does he make her laugh, he also helps her feel calm," said a source.

" is recording with Black Eyed Peas at the moment, but he`s waiting for the all-clear to come and see Cheryl - and has reassured her that when she`s well, she`ll still have the brilliant career she`s worked so hard for," he added.


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