Winehouse’s dad to unveil debut album

Updated: May 27, 2010, 15:57 PM IST

London: British singer Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch is set to release his debut album.

Mitch said that Amy encouraged him to record at the studio.

“Amy and I spoke about me doing an album six or seven years ago. The timing wasn`t right since Amy wasn`t well. Now she`s better and the time is right,” he added.

The album named Rush Of Love will be released in June, reports The BBC.

“Am I cashing in on it being Amy`s dad? I suppose in a way, if the album sells, I will be. But that`s not why I`m doing it. I`m doing it because Amy and I spoke about doing an album years ago,” he said.

“But you cannot deny the fact that I would not be bringing out an album if I wasn`t Amy`s dad. It`s true,” Mitch added.

The album has 11 Rat Pack-style swing songs. It includes four new tracks written by Tony Hiller, best known for writing ‘Save Your Kisses for Me’, and ‘United We Stand.’