Osian’s Cine Fan Film Fest : ‘Mumbai is over exposed, Delhi is the place to be’

Updated: Jul 28, 2012, 21:05 PM IST

Shomini Sen

New Delhi: Debutant film maker Ajay Bahl’s film ‘BA Pass’ got an extraordinary reception on Day 2 of the on-going Osian’s Cine Fan. The film premiered at the film festival.

Based in Delhi, the film starring Shahdab Kamal, Shilpa Shukla and Dibyendu Bhattacharya explores the underbelly of the society and how poverty leads a young man to prostitution. Bahl, who is from Delhi, adapted Mohan Sikka’s story ‘Railway Aunty’ from the author’s ‘Delhi Noir’ series for celluloid and made ‘BA Pass’.

Shot extensively in Paharganj area of New Delhi, the film focuses on male gigolos and throws light on the hypocrisy that exists in the society as far as one’s stature is concerned.

When asked about shooting in Delhi his entire film and basing the story in the capital city, Bahl said, “I am from Delhi and I am comfortable with shooting around the city. As a cinematographer, I feel Paharganj is a beautiful place to shoot. Besides, Mumbai is over exposed now, almost every film is shot there. It is time to shift base. Delhi is the place to be now.”

The director candidly admitted that a film on male gigolos is easier to showcase in festivals than release it commercially. But he was quick to admit that he will be looking for a commercial release in a few months after the film makes its rounds in various festivals abroad.

The second day of Osian’s also saw Bengali director Q and actress Ri interacting with the members of the press.

Number of stars and noted filmmakers are scheduled to come down to attend the weeklong film festival which began on 27 July.