Teacher posts nude pics on web to annoy beau

Melbourne: The teacher from New Zealand who has been surrounded with controversy after stripping for Australian penthouse has said that she did it to annoy her boyfriend.

Rachel Whitwell revealed that she tried to check if her lover/porn photographer Steve Crow, was loyal to him by sending him raunchy anonymous texts and Facebook messages.

However, she was hurt to find him flirt back and fix a secret rendezvous.

Whitwell insisted that she then moved out of their Auckland home and forwarded her nude pictures to the penthouse in order to upset Crow.

"Posting my pictures on the web was only meant to annoy Steve, because he always says he`s not interested in going out with a nude model," a news daily quoted her as saying.

However, the mother-of-one believes it has only backfired on her, as both her personal and professional lives are now at stake.

She added: "Nothing good has come out of it, because all it`s done is leave me unsure and bitter."

Meanwhile Crow, has confessed that he was "monumentally stupid" to fall for the trap.

He said: "I think the whole concept of the `honey trap` is despicable and I`ve said to (Whitwell): "If you throw the right bait at any fish, you`ll catch it"," Crow told the magazine.