14 Places you are prohibited to visit

Nov 24, 2016, 13:42 PM IST
Pripyat, Ukraine

14. Pripyat, Ukraine : Pripyat was a mordern city that was doing well before its abandonment with in two days of the Chernobyl Disaster living it as the shell of what was once a good place to live. Today Pripyat is closed because the level of high radioactivity that is still present. so you are not allowed to step into it.

Snake Island, Brazil

13. Snake Island, Brazil : Living up to its name, this island is host to over 4000 snakes that snatch birds from the sky and whose poison can kill you within hour. You should not even wish to visit this island.

Pine Gap, Australia

12. Pine Gap, Australia : Pine Gap is a top secret development facility in Australia, that is led by Australia and US government. The Facility is linked with US military drones. Australian government does not like talking about its existence. This places is prohibited and people cannot set foot in this facility.

Area 51 Nveda, USA

11. Area 51 Nveda, USA : For years, the Government has tried to deny the existence of Area 51, but in recent times it has acknowledges its presence but still denies handling alien and UFO-related activities. Area 51 is very sensitive and top secret, so people are not allowed anywhere close to it.

Mezhgorye, Bashkortostan, Russia

10. Mezhgorye, Bashkortostan, Russia : This town in russia is one of the most unique towns in all of Europe and Asia. It was closed down by the Government but people living there were not expelled. They continue to live in the town and do some confidential work for Government. You can not visit this town because it is still a closed area.

Room 39, Pyongyang, North korea

9. Room 39, Pyongyang, North korea :  North korea's secret organization goes by the name Room 39. It is a secret facility in Pyongyang where the Government encourages counterfeiting, the production and dealing in narcotics and other illegal activities. Money that came from illegal activities that take place in Room 39. So you are not any way allowed to visit.

Surtsey, Iceland

8. Surtsey, Iceland :  Surtsey is an island that was created of volcanic eruptions at sea near Iceland with the molten and fast cooling lava going up to surface of these sea. It is a nature reserve set aside for the study of ecological succession. Since very few scientists have been allowed to visit this place, you were not allowed to visit.

Javari Reserve, Brazil

7. Javari Reserve, Brazil : Javari reserve is a section of the brazilian rainforest hosting some communities that have survived in isolation from the developing world for a very long time. These section of communities live deep in the forest that they were discovered only after high resolution satellite images. Despite of how great it would be to visit these communities, you are not allowed to go there.

 Mount Weather, Virginia, USA

6. Mount Weather, Virginia, USA : Mount Weather is one of the most secure places on the planet, since it acts as an emergency operation center that can be used in the event of a catastrophic phenomenon. But you cannot get anywhere close to this facility as it is heavily guarded and you are not allowed here.

Disneyland's club 33, New Orleans, USA

5. Disneyland's club 33, New Orleans, USA : Club 33 is supposed to be a secret Club in Disneyland that only its members know exists. This culb is only for entertaining investors, politicians and celebrities who came to disneyland. You can never get in unless you have a personal invitation from a member of the club.

White's Gentleman Club, England

4. White's Gentleman Club, England : The White's Gentleman Club is one of the most Secretive clubs in England and it is well known for its 320 years exsistence. The club is open only for elite men in the society. Gaining membership to this club is next to impossible.

The Coca-Cola Recipe Safe, Georgia, USA

3. The Coca-Cola Recipe Safe, Georgia, USA : Coca-cola company has guarded its secret recipe for 125 yrs, a recipe with secret ingredient that is well hidden. Coca-Cola recipe safe is located in atlanta which is far away from public eye.

Svalbard Global Seed Safe, Norway

2. Svalbard Global Seed Safe, Norway : This seed safe is a facility that was built to survive the worst catastrophes that would threaten the crops that we have on planet because it would supply the planet with seeds of every crop that exist today. So it would be next to impossible for you to go there.

North Sentinel Island, Bay of Bengal

1. North Sentinel Island, Bay of Bengal : If outsiders get too close to island, the people who live there will attack and try to kill them by rocks and fire arrows.

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