Abhay Deol wants Bollywood to hire porn stars!

Abhay Deol wants Bollywood to hire porn stars! Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: He is a rebel in a true sense. A boy rose in a typical Punjabi joint family, where women aren’t aloud to make a career in the showbiz world, Abhay Deol comes out as someone, who is in complete contrast to the ideology.

He might not be one of those hunks seen dancing and singing in the rains, but he has certainly carved a niche for himself. From leaving his family at the age of 23 to choosing to live-in with his partner Preeti Desai, Abhay Deol has done it all.

Talking to a leading daily, Abhay shared his views on marriage, item numbers and a lot more. But what raised eyebrows were his comments on porn stars.

He said, “I find item numbers vulgar, even though they are the norm today. I am surprised that no one finds them demeaning towards women, seeing it as a way instead to celebrate our culture. I am glad we had Sunny Leone do a film. I hope more porn stars come in to our industry as it fits in very well. We are so overtly sexual yet we deny our sexuality. In such a situation, it`s better to get someone from the porn industry who is completely uninhibited. It just might help us be more uninhibited. Because we are not open, we put our girls into the skimpiest of costumes.”

“Some of the crotch gyrating movements and shaking boobs is much more vulgar than a woman standing naked in Hollywood films. I read in one of Sunny Leone`s interviews that kids come and ask her if they can take pictures with her and she asks them if they are sure they want to take a picture with her as she is a porn star and I find that very touching. People who are more open and embrace sexuality are less sex obsessed as opposed to people who are repressed and have sex on their mind all the time. This is representative of our society and creeps into our films,” he added.

That’s quite a remarkable statement Abhay!