`Romance porn` transforming erotic movies with `soft lovemaking` scenes

`Romance porn` transforming erotic movies with `soft lovemaking` scenes London: A stripper-turned-film maker has caught the attention of women viewers by putting a softer spin on typical pornography with a new genre of Edwardian-style romance porn.

According to ABC News, Nica Noelle, who uses seductive glances, story-lines of repressed passions, and softer shots of lovemaking, is being credited with turning “typical porn into pure art,” the Daily Mail reported.

And like her latest erotic film, ‘My Mother’s Lover’, with its padded-out narratives and deeper sense of emotion, is opening up pornography for a wider female market - one that has eluded male pornographers for decades.

Robert Weiss, founding director of The Sexual Recovery Institute, an outpatient sexual addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, said that male porn makers have until now had “a lock on men’s sexuality.”

But female pornographers like Noelle are changing that, creating porn that appeals to women, and men, no matter what their sexual orientation.

“A lot of women came to the conclusion: ‘I don’t like porn.’ Because there was nothing out there with the female erotic experience in mind,” Noelle said.

Weiss agreed saying that men and women view sex differently, as most men are not really interested in introduction and ending.

Men tend to be more visual and more attracted to body parts, while women tend to look at the whole, he said.

He added that when a woman sees a sexy man, she wonders what it’s like to be with him. She looks at him relationally.