Khloe Kardashian enjoys trash talk

Khloe Kardashian enjoys trash talk Los Angeles: Reality star Khloe Kardashian likes to banter, but insists she isn`t malicious.

"I am a pretty good s**t talker, but I don`t think I am a hater, I am just a realist so I don`t know if that`s shade," quoted Khloe as saying.

"But I am a pretty good... like I will just be like what the f**k are you guys doing. But its not... it`s more like s**t talking and bantering back and forth," she added.

The 28-year-old also revealed she and her famous sisters Kim and Kourtney like to give each other a hard time, but they always support each other in the end.

"None of us... none of us are malicious but also don`t block each other`s blessings.

"If anything, for example like my sisters the first week of `X Factor` where like `you can do this`, they were like so supportive and uplifting and they could have been like yeah... you shouldn`t... If they wanted to, they could have but we aren`t like that," she said.