Director Harry Baweja making animation film on Sikh history

Director Harry Baweja making animation film on Sikh history Chandigarh: Bollywood director Harry Baweja is making `Chaar Sahibzaade`, a 3D animation film on Sikh history.

After his 2008 science-fiction film `Love Story 2050`, starring his son Harman opposite Priyanka Chopra, tanked at the box office, Baweja has now taken up his first animation film.

"While going through the pages of Sikh history, as I focused on the dramatic events around the lives and sacrifices of the four sons of (tenth Sikh Guru) Shri Guru Gobind Singh, I knew I had the story of my next film in hand.

"I knew that it would not be possible to make a live-action film on the four sons of the Guru, so animation was the only option in which format I could make a feature film on this part of Sikh history," Baweja said here.

The film, set for release later this year, tells the story of the sacrifices of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh -- Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh, he said.

"It took me an intense effort of literary and technical research under the guidance of the religious leaders for over three years to come up with the project," he revealed.

He said that the film will be released in Punjabi, Hindi, English, various other Indian and over a dozen foreign languages.

"The script and the making of the film is being co-ordinated with the team at the SGPC (apex religious body of the Sikhs). Our effort is to make this film true to history and correct in its depiction of religious sentiments," he said.

"This story of Chaar Sahibzade is about holding on to the sanctity and sacrifice for the sake of the Sikh religion... The foundation of Sikhism is very strong, and it is cemented in the supreme sacrifices of its great martyrs," he said, adding that he wanted to highlight and bring to people`s knowledge the bravery and heroism of the saint-soldier race.