Valentine’s Day: What you mustn’t buy for your girlfriend

Valentine’s Day: What you mustn’t buy for your girlfriend London: Flowers bought last minute at the petrol station have unsurprisingly been voted as the worst gift to give to a woman on Valentine’s Day, with cheap jewellery and cuddly toys next on the list of shame.

The poll, conducted by leading money-saving site asked 1,000 women to name the most unromantic gifts received on February 14th.

The list of culprits included buffet vouchers, bargain bin CDs, ill-fitting underwear and tacky jewellery.

However with 20 per cent of the vote, petrol station flowers topped the bill to be named as the most disappointing present, the Daily Mail reported.

In second place was cheap and tacky jewellery, with 17 per cent of the vote followed closely in third place by large cuddly toys, with 16 per cent.

Bargain bin CDs, came fourth in the search to find the worst Valentine’s gift, scoring 13 per cent.

Unflattering underwear beat off cheap perfume to claim the unfortunate prize of the fifth most unappealing gift on February 14th, scoring 11 per cent of the vote.