Heidi Klum admires Victoria Beckham`s style

Heidi Klum admires Victoria Beckham`s style Los Angeles: Supermodel Heidi Klum admires Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani`s style even though they are completely different.

The 39-year-old German beauty is a huge fan of both stars and said that revealed she would happily raid both of their wardrobes, reported OK magazine.

"Victoria has amazing dresses and fantastically high heels and is always chic. Gwen is the epitome of rocker chic, she isn`t afraid to take risks and has a cool factor about her that I love," Klum said.

The catwalk queen calls her own personal style eclectic and says a blazer or jacket is her fashion must have.

"My style is eclectic. I wear everything from vintage to my favourite jeans that I`ve had for 15 years to new designers to the biggest names in fashion.

"I love a great blazer or jacket. It`s so versatile, great for any season and takes an outfit from day to night. The mother-of-four has always been interested in fashion and is pleased her children are also taking an interest in it," she added.