One Direction warned over Las Vegas gambling bill

One Direction warned over Las Vegas gambling bill London: Boyband One Direction were given a stern warning by their record label bosses after a trip to Las Vegas turned `ugly` and they lost a huge amount of money.

The group enjoyed a trip to Sin City last summer and they were rumoured to have been banned from a number of casinos for being too young, reported Daily Star online.

Singer Niall Horan has now opened up about their fateful trip to Vegas, revealing their wild night out ended in a huge bust-up with their bosses.

"Like most of the stupid things we do, it seemed like it was a good idea at the time. We just thought, `We`re 18, this is the first time we`ve been able to spend a bit of money in weeks because we`ve been on the road," he said.

"I won 100 pounds, which seemed reasonable, then I stopped. But I`ll have to say `no comment` about the others. Let`s just say it got a bit ugly and a lot of money was lost. A lot. When our management found out, we got a serious dressing down about it," he added.