Seth MacFarlane won`t host Oscars next year

Seth MacFarlane won`t host Oscars next year Los Angeles: Seth MacFarlane, who is all-set for his first stint as a host at Sunday`s Oscars` ceremony says he won`t host the Academy Awards next time.

Creator of `Family Guy` is already sure that this will be his first and only time as the host because he believes it is a big commitment, reported Entertainment Weekly.

"It`s the time commitment, I just don`t think I could do it again. It will have been almost six months that I`m working on this. And I`m still going to get savaged in the press," he said.

MacFarlane also said he was drawn to the job because he knew he could mess it up.

"You know if something sounds interesting and challenging and it sounds like something I could mess up and do badly, I`m generally interested in making the attempt," he added.